Liftup A/S founds Subsidiary in Germany

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

With the establishment of a new subsidiary in Germany, Liftup pursues unexploited export revenue on a highly potential, but also conservative, German market.

Liftup GmbH

The new German subsidiary, Liftup GmbH, is currently focused on activities in Bavaria, Frankfurt and Berlin. Liftup believes that there is a great potential in these areas and at the same time they are markets that are immediately accessible.

Expectations for the results of expansion in Germany are high:

“We expect that we will multiply our sales on the German market within the next five years,” says Henrik Haugaard, Global Sales Manager at Liftup. Liftup exports 80 percent of the products produced annually to 38 countries throughout most of the world.

Local Presence and Cultural Knowledge are a Must

Although Liftup estimates a great untapped potential in the German market, Liftup also recognizes that the German market is different from many of the other export markets in which Liftup is presented.

“We hear that it is difficult for Danish companies to get a firm footing on the German market in general. In Germany, it is an advantage to be present with a sales person – especially if the person himself is German, as in our case,” says Henrik Haugaard, referring to Stephan Engelmann, Area Sales Manager in Germany. Besides the fact that Stephan is an experienced employee at Liftup headquarters in Støvring, Denmark, he is also a German citizen. Therefore, it is natural that he is at the head of the sales activities in Liftup GmbH in Germany.

Stephan also emphasizes the importance of foreign companies prioritizing being locally presented if they want to tie their names with the Germans:

“Germany is a large market because of its population size alone, but it is a big task to become visible and known. We have been doing a lot of effort in the past year to promote Liftup’s brand and products by, among other things, getting in touch with new distributors and attend exhibitions. In this way, we have learned to get to know the market better. Now the sales phase is intensifying, and here it helps to be present in Germany with a company.”

Read the full press release here (pdf in Danish) >

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