Jim Kissling, AutoFarm, US

For many people one of the main challenges with a fall accident is to get back up on your feet again. Jim Kissling from the US has experienced this problem repeatedly because of his diagnosis, Kennedy Disease Syndrome (also known as Bulbo-Spinal Muscular Atrophy), that causes his muscles to weaken about 2 % per year.

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Ronald Gerard, Omaha, US

The retired pharmacist Ronald Gerard and his wife from Omaha were looking for an easier way to get her from the main house and into their car in the garage which is at a lower level than the main house. Ronald’s wife is a wheelchair user and their previous way of getting her from the house to the garage, was a stair glide.

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Hoehn Family, California, US

The Hoehn family lives in Newark, California. Mr. Hoehn is diagnosed with ALS and is now using a powerchair to get around. The family lives in a tri-level home with lots of steps, where the stairs and the narrow corridors have made it impossible to get around.

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