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Personal Safety

Liftup Inc. gives first priority to safety. This means that all our products include the best imaginable safety equipment.

Naturally, all our products are in compliance with current regulations and all are CE labelled.

Safety overview

FlexStep safety equipment

  • Acoustic alerts.
  • Battery backup: Batteries which supply the system with power in case of power break down
  • Door: Prevents from falling down at the top level when the staircase is away. Read more.
  • Emergency Stop at the platform: stops the platform if making an unintended movement. Read more.
  • Infra-red sensors: squeeze protection (IR): Infrared security against squeezing between steps.
  • On/off key switch: A possibility to centrally switch off the operation to avoid e.g. vandalism.
  • Overload protection: The weight on the platform must be evenly distributed. In case of overload the platform stops. In such case, move the platform down and exit it.
  • Pressure plates: 1 pressure plate under each step are connected to safety micro switches. This eliminates the risk of getting squeezed underneath the platform. If activated during downwards motion, the lift will stop and move approx. 0.8''-1.2'' upwards.
  • Ramp/roll off protection: The automatic ramp/roll-off protection is driven by an electric motor inside the steel tube. The motor also drives the mechanical lock inside the pipe. The lock ensures that no one or nothing rolls off the lifting platform during motion.
  • Vertical barrier: Prevents from falling down at the top level when the staircase is away. Read more.


In addition to the general maintenance, we recommend as the manufacturer, that routine inspections are undertaken by an authorized service technician. The distributor will offer this service. The owner of the lift is, however, responsible for ensuring that the chosen service technician is qualified in the product in question.

For safety reasons it is very important that these inspections are maintained, since lacking or improperly performed inspections may result in personal injury.

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